Quality Assurance/Quality Control


Quality is an integral part of project management that must be addressed in all phases of a job, from initial concept to design, procurement, construction and start-up.

All 龙8国long8娱乐官网 projects follow a quality management plan that meets contract requirements, and our goal is to meet or exceed client expectations by performing our work safe and right the first time. Also, 龙8国long8娱乐官网 holds American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) U, S, R and NB stamps for the manufacture and assembly of various pressure vessels, boilers and piping. Having these self-perform capabilities gives us a significant advantage when controlling quality across projects.


Modeled after ISO 9001-2008, 龙8国long8娱乐官网 has established its own quality management system.

龙8国long8娱乐官网’s in-house quality management system has five levels of documentation, including our own in-house manual for compliance with ACI/ASME/NBIC/AWS quality standards. Our quality control managers are responsible for implementing these standards in the field and has stop-work authority whenever code compliance is in question. In addition, our quality managers and inspectors verify compliance with all contract requirements of materials, assembly procedures and services utilized, per each project’s specific quality management plan as well as its inspection and test plan.

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